New Opportunities for Sustainable Interaction Using Backscatter Sensors

Self-SustainableCHI'20 Workshop. On going effort. Design considerations of sustainable interaction interfaces with backscatter sensing techniques.

ThermalRing: Gesture and Tag Inputs Enabled by a Thermal Imaging Smart Ring

CHI'20ThermalRing uses low-resolution thermal camera for private, robust, and efficient gesture sensing and tag recognition.

Apparatus and Method for Cognitive Load Analysis Based on Near-infrared Imaging of Subcutaneous Veins

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FlexTouch: Enabling Large-Scale Interaction Sensing Beyond Touchscreens Using Flexible and Conductive Materials

IMWUT 2019 FlexTouch attach conductive strips to touchscreen edges for long-range touch sensing up to 4m and object detection up to 2m.

Tap-to-Pair: Associating Wireless Devices with Synchronous Tapping

IMWUT 2018Tap-to-Pair pairs two wireless devices spontaneously with no modifications on either device.

BitID: Easily Add Battery-free Wireless Sensors to Everyday Objects

SmartCom'17, Best Paper Runner-upBitID adds sensing ability to everyday objects in a DIY, low-cost, and maintenance-free manner.