ThermalRing: Gesture and Tag Inputs Enabled by a Thermal Imaging Smart Ring

CHI'20ThermalRing uses low-resolution thermal camera for private, robust, and efficient gesture sensing and tag recognition.

MoveVR:Enabling Multiform Force Feedback in Virtual Reality using Household Cleaning Robot

CHI'20 MoveVR generates multiform force feedback for an immersive VR experience by leveraging a household cleaning robot.

Facilitating Temporal Synchronous Target Selection through User Behavior Modeling

IMWUT 2019 This paper improves the target selection performance by optimizing blinking pattern sets with Bayesian-based human modeling.

FlexTouch: Enabling Large-Scale Interaction Sensing Beyond Touchscreens Using Flexible and Conductive Materials

IMWUT 2019 FlexTouch attach conductive strips to touchscreen edges for long-range touch sensing up to 4m and object detection up to 2m.

Tap-to-Pair: Associating Wireless Devices with Synchronous Tapping

IMWUT 2018Tap-to-Pair pairs two wireless devices spontaneously with no modifications on either device.

TouchPower: Interaction-based Power Transfer for Power-as-needed Devices

IMWUT 2017, Discussion Paper TouchPower transfers on-body power to off-body devices during interaction to reduce maintenance demands.